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June 17, 2017

Byron Condo Price Changes Y.T.D

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Limited inventory has caused some Byron condo price jumps in the first six months of 2017. Here are some year to date prices changes in this area of town. Note, sometimes there has being only two sales in a given complex with one of the two sales at higher prices. Is this a new trend or just a one time occurrence? Well it’s to early to say.1399 Commissioners Road West

Average 2016 “MLS” sale price. Two bedroom units $205,800

Average 2017  year to date price, Two bedroom units $221,800

565-685 Griffith     Average 2016 “MLS” sale price $159,800. Average 2017 year to date price.  $187,500

1100 Byron Baseline Average 2016 “MLS” sale price, 2 floor townhouse style $ 266,400

Average 2017 year to date price, 2 floor townhouse style  $291,200

1499 Byron Baseline   Average 2016 “MLS” sale price $298,000. Average 2017 year to date price $375,000* Unit

styles may vary here so comparison pricing is questionable at best.

2615 Colonel Talbot    Average 2016 “MLS” sale price $344,900. Average 2017 year to date price  $366,300

2 Cadeau Terrace    Average 2016 “MLS” sale price 2016 $336,300. Average 2017 year to date price $385,500In a surprising number of the smaller complexes there have being no sales. Are the markets starting to cool off? With only a few units for sale on the market it seems it is still very much a seller’s market. Things could change quickly… The Toronto markets are now spooked!

by Peter Daoust, Broker at Remax Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage    My cell is 519-852-7653

June 14, 2017

North London Condo Prices Changes Year To date

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Here is a look at some of the year to date price increases in north London. Price increases vary from complex to complex.DSC_03631,5,9,15 Jacksway            2 bedroom units 2016 $132,100

2 bedroom units 2017 y.t.d $ 130,600

1600 Adelaide St.            2 bedroom units 2016 $121,800

2 bedroom units 2017 y.t.d $ 140,000

693 Windermere Rd.     2016  $202,000

y.t.d 2017  $210,900

1921 Father Dalton        ( without garages )… 2016 $192,500

( without garages ) … y.t.d 2017 $273,800

1478 Adelaide St. N       2 storey units 2016 $ 221,400

2 storey units y.t.d 2017 $ 299,800

70 Sunnyside Dr.           2016 $264,300

y.t.d.2017 $302,200

145,185,205,215   North Centre Rd.  2016 $258,400

y.t.d 2017 $278,500

2031 Pennyroyal St.      2016 $286,200

2017 $284,000

1500 Richmond St.       one floor double car garage units 2016 $ 272,500

one floor double car garage units 2017  $ 289,700

14/18 Doon Drive          2016 $280,000

2017 $ 301,500

2084-2100 Denview       2016$345,000

2017 $343,000


Suprised? Well each complex has a different selling history. by Peter Daoust Broker, Remax

Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage


June 11, 2017

Downtown London Condo Prices 2017

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Here is a quick look at some of the year to date price increases of our downtown London Ontario condo prices.DSC_0076695 Richmond St.  Average two bedroom price y.t.d  2017  $192,500  ( 2016 $177,900  )

600 Talbot St.         Average two bedroom price y.t.d  2017  $218,500  ( 2016 $203,800 )

549 Ridout St.         Average two bedroom price y.t.d  2017  $214,500   (2016 $211,000  )

330 Ridout St.         Average two bedroom price y.t.d.  2017  $348,000  (2016 $353,000 )

323-363 Colborne  Average two bedroom price y.t.d.  2017  $168,900   (2016 $166,700 )

250 Pall Mall           Average two bedroom price y.t.d.  2017  $375,000  ( 2016 $375,600 )

Downtown London condo prices seem to be holding their own in the first half of 2017. Cheers

by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage  #cell 519-852-sold

May 30, 2017

Grand Bend – new condos!

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Year round living in a family friendly community.  The community Grand Bend is growing. “Medway Homes Inc.” is now busy building “Harbourside Condominiums” on Gill Road near the “Ausable River”.  Follow the signs, visit their new model home, others almost ready to look at. 37 new detached units ranging in size from 1,179-1473 sq. ft.

“James Hardie” siding, nine foot ceilings, concrete paving stone driveways, covered rear sitting areas, one floor layouts with optional finished lower levels. New is always nice. These are quality built units.

by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage.

May 4, 2017

“West” ( … West London and new things now happening )

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Visit “West” a new website by “Sifton” the home builders. Marketed as ” The most visionary, sustainable lifestyle destination. Ever.” Here are some pictures of a new rental complex “Sifton” is now DSC_0172DSC_0171building on Shore Road across the street from a condo complex called “The Courtyards” at 1900 Shore Road.DSC_0163

Do these units look a bit strange?  Well, “Sifton” has always had a bit of a reputation for building homes which are slightly angular in shape . Angular is good and when you’re a company as large as the “Sifton” company is you can afford be slightly at the edge when it comes to introducing new design styles. “Sifton” also notes in it’s “West” promotional website that somewhere behind these new rental units will be “a vibrant central park”. DSC_0170

The last picture  shown here is of the new “Sifton Head Office” on Oxford Street West (west of the “Hunt Club Golf Coarse”) which is just off in the near distance.

DSC_0162The look of west London is changing. by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage

April 27, 2017

“19 Guelph Ave.” Cambridge Ontario

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We are in a rush to tell you about something new on the “Speed River”. # A 50 million dollar project # “The Standard” in the heart of  “Hespeler Village”. #10 storey #153 unit luxury apartment communityDSC_0209DSC_0255  # These pictures were just taken # This will be one of the premier buildings in the Waterloo region. #”Hespeler Village” is on the “Speed River” just a few miles north of the 401.





# This is the former #American Standard site  # Phase two will be the “Riverbank Lofts”DSC_0227DSC_0258with the iconic riverside mill building which will be turned into forty-five condominium with also some ground-floor retail.DSC_0247 # Why not discover the north end of Cambridge? This project was many years in the making.DSC_0257By Peter Daoust Broker Remax Advantage Ltd. Brokerage


April 24, 2017

Riverside Drive/ Thames River Condos

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It’s new and the site is unique. We talked about this new condo project briefly back in a  June 25th 2016 blog. A year later the contractors are still busy working at trying to finish it out.DSC_0085

These pictures are a bit tricky to understand. The first picture shows the banks of the Thames River in west London across from Storybook Gardens, followed by a picture of an old abandoned two and a half story building on lands on the north side of the river owned by the London developer “Drewlo”.DSC_0072 Who knows what its fate will be. Next is a picture of a white pickup truck/new condo building on the south side of Riverside Drive and finally a picture which is difficult to see, of this new condo building again, this time hidden behind some trees and perched at the top of the ridge just off the east of this “Drewlo” owned old building. DSC_0090If you look carefully you can see its yellowish outline. The look of the Riverside Drive area as you approach Sanatorium Rd is in a state of change.DSC_0083

by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Ltd. Brokerage

April 20, 2017

505 Talbot Street London Ontario

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DSC_0291DSC_0292Toronto condo buyers take note. See our ” downtown” London section and visit #28 on our map. Learn about the new “Azure” building by “Tricar” which is now going up. These pictures helps to show where it is located. It’s near “Harris Park” but not directly overlooking it. If the weather is nice get out and have a look. What a welcomed addition to London’s downtown skyline.                  by Peter Daoust, Broker. Remax Advantage Ltd., BrokerageDSC_0255DSC_0254DSC_0263DSC_0274

April 11, 2017

Downtown London Ontario Condo Prices and What Might Happen Going Forward

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The downtown London Ontario “resale condo marketplace” has gone sideways now for about four years. Here are a few examples.  1) 323-363 Colborne St. The average price of a two bedroom unit has dropped ( in the 2012-2016 period ) by over $5,000  2) 695 Richmond Street. The average price of a two bedroom unit has dropped (2012-2016) by over $4,000  3) The 810 Maitland Street townhouses just north of Oxford have remained unchanged. 4) The 624 William Street condos next to the tracks are up $7,000 from 2012-2016 and 5) the two bedroom units in the 250 Pall Mall building called “Wellington Park” were up $20,000 from 2012-2014.DSCF6625Let’s now put on our thinking caps and speculate about what might happen going forward. 1)  In the next 3-5 years expect to see construction start on at least  3-5 new downtown condo  buildings. This will be greater than what has happened over the last five years. These new buildings will bring a greater mass of people to our downtown core and with more people comes new life. 2)  The city will land some new Federal and Provincial money (every city is in line to get some).  It doesn’t really in matter what the city uses it for. More metal trees, big flowerpots, new tires for their trucks or laptops for their crews who are out patching up the potholes in our roads. On board laptops would help them to arrive at their next destination without the worries of finding out that another crew was already there sometime before. Any money spent on any fixings will draw more people downtown. 3)  New houses might go in on the old Victoria Hospital site, built-in an “Old South” theme. More people in houses near the downtown core and more people living in new high rises is what downtown London needs now. ( Right now the site sits empty and the media seems to have lost interest in talking about what the city is doing with this site ). DSCF6627What’s going be one of the contributing factors leading to this new migration to our downtown core? Well so many people have dreamt of owning a unit in such condo buildings as “The Regency Tower” on King St., “The Renaissance ll” on Ridout St.,”The Queen’s Court” condos just south of “Victoria Park” or the”Wellington Park” condos on Pall Mall St.. So many people were of the mindset that such dreams were unobtainable given their lofty price tags. Things are quickly changing. $300,000 homes in Hyde Park are flying out the door at $350,000. $400,000 homes in Byron are now selling out for $470,000 and $500,000 homes in some sections of North London are selling for $600,000. What is happening with some of these largely unexpected gains? Might these unexpected gains end up helping more people to acquire their downtown dream condos?DSCF1770

We now have a new set of condos buyers out snooping around our downtown core looking for new places to live and new parking garages for their Audis . People tired of shovelling snow and cutting grass and people flush with unexpected purchasing power. There are good deals out there now, waiting for this new trickle of friendly buyers. Finally, downtown condos might start again to go up in value. That’s the way I see it anyways.

by Peter Daoust, Broker. Remax Advantage Ltd. Brokerage

April 8, 2017

“Downtown London Ontario on King St. Just East of Richmond St.”

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Do you want to know what’s on the drawing boards for downtown London? Well when I was out on the streets last week looking around and taking these pictures all I saw was one cement truck in action without a back-up. Nor did I see any dump trucks. In construction the two usually go hand in hand. This lack of activity kind of surprised me. Yet I have a couple of friends who drive these types of vehicles and this is what they tell me. They tell me that all the action is now out in the suburbs and messing around with old buildings in downtown London is too much hassle and often more of a chess game between developers, landlords from the 1980’s and 1990’s and our city hall.DSC_0072Here is a picture of the cement truck I saw. It was on the little street behind the old Kingsmill’s department store.
In all fairness, there are a two other new projects happening on Talbot Street in downtown London and there are cement trucks over there working away most days.
What I am ready trying to say is that if you are looking for a downtown condo to buy then your kind of restricted in your search to what we have listed on this site. The good news is that some of them are actually quite nice and very affordable compared to living in the houses on the ground levels. Anything new coming on stream (meaning brand new – never lived in) next year or beyond will most likely be priced considerably higher.

Our headline states “on King St. just east of Richmond St.”. The building in these pictures is barely on life support and it is now only a matter of time before some dump trucks get called into action to help carry away its remains. One would think this would be the most likely course of action but one never knows for sure. All I can really say is that downtown London is not trying very hard to transform itself into something nicer. The private sector is more in a tear down and do nothing mode, hoping to see our governments upgrading our cities infrastructures first. The new proposed “flex-road” on Dundas Street could be a real catalysis for growth yet it comes at a hefty price tag to the taxpayers of London. Many of us roughly know what the “Kingsmills” deal cost. It was a crazy price. Do we really want the city spending even more money on digging up the Dundas Street and Richmond Street intersection and playing around with new sewer lines and a new flex road design? Should a new design take the daily traffic off of this intersection?  Imagine the loss of incomes to its surroundings merchants during this rebuilding process. Are planners now busy trying to figure out what might work best? Is an underground bus route also be on this dream list?

Who knows. I all really know is that not much new is happening downtown London these days.

CSC_0138CSC_0137CSC_0136by  Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Ltd., BrokerageCSC_0140

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