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The Condos at 3320 Meadowgate Boulevard

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Here is a concept on how to design urban townhouses that is a little bit different. At first glance, this complex looks like regular two storey condo townhouses but they were actually constructed with a slightly different twist. They are different from the point of view that all of the end units are designed to be one floor units.

Let’s try to better explain how this is possible. There are not two end units in each cluster but rather four end units. At each end there is an upper one floor apartment style condo  and a main floor one floor condo  with a full lower basement. In other words, each cluster has two upper one floor units and two main floor end units. Sandwiched in the middle of this design are a number of more typical two storey townhouse style units.

One might never suspect any of this to be the case if one was to stand outside and look at the front profiles of these clusters.  The only thing perhaps slightly unusual is the placement of the front doorway entrances. That’s because the upper one floor condos need to have interior stairwells leading down to the lower exterior front entrance ways. It’s when you see the rear profiles of these clusters that a visual understanding of this design becomes more apparent. From the rear or side/rear profile you can see the upper deckings for the second floor units and what’s even more unusual is the aspect that these are no exterior sets of rear patio doors for these end units, a feature usually found with most other townhousse complexes. The accompanying pictures will help to better illustrate what we mean by all of this.

Why did Z-Group, the builder opt to change things up a bit and build these out a few years back? Well we’ll never know the answer for sure but from a marketing point of view it is safe to say that there was little else like it out there for sale at the time  in London. The concept of two level “stacked townhouses” is something more common in the southern climates and perhaps more common around golf course communities.

This complex is located in the far southern section of the community of “Summerside” in south east London.  Very few units have changed ownership from when they were first built so that in itself is an indication of ownership satisfaction.  It will be interesting to see going forward, if the next developer, whoever that happens to be, will continue on with this unique style of townhouse design on the vacant lands zoned for further multi unit developments around it.

One final comment.  Does it pay to be a visionary and to be on the cutting edge of new building designs?  Well, when you think about it, that’s what new construction should really be all about.

by Peter Daoust. Remax Advantage Realty Limited Brokerage