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The Shipyards of Collingwood II

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The Shipyards of Collingwood
Part Two

Remember back in January 2011 we first introduced / discovered / talked about the Shipyards of Collingwood?

Well now for a follow-up, these pictures were taken September 3rd 2011 and what might you notice about them? Look closely. This new condo project is truly wonderful in colour, texture, and design.

Do you notice something missing? We did. Where are all the people? Why isn’t there anyone out walking their dogs or children playing or people out jogging? Why is there an absence of boats tied up to the pier and people socializing? In a similar sort of way why does it have a “not very lived in” type of feel?

Well to be honest it wasn’t the nicest of days for weather and there were probably people inside of these units watching golf or tennis on their big screen TV’s. Yet what we noticed is that while the exterior facades of these condos are all finished, the developer has opted to leave there insides still in “skeleton states” if unsold. Even some of the most desirable units with the most commanding bay views are still sitting empty. Future phases where the land is partially serviced within the envelope of the developments, remain cordoned off but untouched.

To the developers credit, the exterior ground work (landscaping) is impeccable with a fresh layer of mulch on every flowerbed I could see. Also to the developers credit is the absence of for sale signs on their new units that are still unsold. Why set off a worry?

Are things not selling all that well because buyers want to feel sand when they step outside their front doorsteps? That may be part of the issue or it may have something to do with the aspect that young families with an interest in winter downhill skiing want to be a little bit closer to the action.

The bottom line is that it is a wonderful project and it very much compliments Collingwood’s downtown core. Now for one final thought. When the economy sneezes, the Bay Street whizkids sometimes catch a cold. That in itself is another element which is now perhaps playing into this equation.

The “Thames River”in Chatham Ontario

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
This is a recently taken picture of the Thames River in Downtown Chatham.  Notice that it only shows one boat in the river?
Why is this?  Guess which one of the following four answers is correct:
A)    Flying Asian Carp from The Mississippi River are now clogging the river in the narrow sections making it next to impossible for boaters to now enjoy the river.
B)    Ethanol is a major additive in the gasoline sold in Chatham (from corn production) and marine engines can’t operate on this fuel supply without causing damage to their internal parts.
C)    The Marine Act of 1931 prohibits the operation of all water vessels over 3.4 meters in length on the stretch of The Thames River in Downtown Chatham between 3rd Street and Lacroix Street.
D)   Everyone in Chatham is so busy working that people living there don’t have time to use their boats.
The correct answer is “D”.  Everyone is Chatham is so busy working that they don’t have time to use their boats.  Watch for the future launch of our Chatham www.yourcondoworld.comwebsite.