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Condo Living in Kingsville and Leamington Ontario

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

IMG_0114By Peter Daoust, Broker. Remax Advantage Realty Limited Brokerage.This is a follow up to one of our most recent blogs. We are not the only ones who are busy trying to promote the virtues of living along the northern shorelines of western Lake Erie. Check out a wonderful website called . Reasons for moving to this region once again revolve around the themes of affordability, the climate and the quality of life considerations.
But what about health care? Well this seems to be the number one concern for so many of todays retirees and that seems to be the main reason so many people seem perfectly happy to stay in places like Toronto or London. Obviously if your heart races at nights for reasons you or your doctor do not understand you might feel better living a block or two away from London’s University Hospital.
What so many people fail to realize is that London’s hospitals are regional in nature and as outlined in the “Retire Here” website other areas like Windsor have strong medical links to London’s facilities. Just because your two hours away down a highway does not mean that you are missing out on good medical services.
If your from Toronto could you ever move a distance of four hours away by car to get out of the rat race or if you are from London could you move two hours away? We isn’t it true that many graduating university students end up living in places like Vancouver, Ottawa or even California? Isn’t it true that everyone is hooked up the Skype or Facebook? We now live in a global world where we connect in different ways.
Some people who are 60 fully expect to live until they are 105 and carrying tennis rackets around in the trunk of their cars makes more sense to them than carrying around things like blankets, candles and flashlights with fresh batteries. Kingsville and Leamington are once again wonderful retirement destinations. Why not take a day or two and discover what this section of Ontario now has to offer? PS Watch for the launch in the near future of a new Leamington/Kingsville YourCondoWorld area website showing over fifty different  condo projects or freehold complexes!

Students Not Wanted

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Let us quote you a “Notice to Owners” now used by one condo complex that we know of in town. “The Corporation’s Declaration provides that each unit is to be occupied and used only as a private single family residence. While the Corporation recognizes that a number of living arrangements would now be included in the legal definition of a family, the following uses of a unit are clearly prohibited by this provision: a) the renting on an individual bedroom basis; (b) the occupation of the unit by an unrelated group of people who are not in a permanent, family like relationship; and (c) any occupation by the unit by individuals, or a group of unrelated group of individuals, on a temporary or periodic basis (such as a school year or term).
Those occupying a unit must be living in a permanent, family like relationship, and the unit must be their primary place of residence.”

It’s strong medicine and strong wording and something a potential condo buyer should be aware of before one makes a rental investment decision. What complex offers these set of rules? Well it’s not fair for us to say. The point is that today’s buyers need the help of knowledgable real estate agents and lawyers to protect them in making real estate related decisions that meet their individual objectives. That’s the way we see it anyways.