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The Pros and Cons of Living in the Queen’s Court/Wellington St. Downtown Condos

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

P1210167Let’s be honest. There are pros and cons to living in any downtown London condo building like the ones known as Queen’s Court. At CondoWorld we would like to discuss our take on these wonderful units. They are actually one of the nicest condo complexes to grace our cities core and its kind of a shame that we don’t have others similiar to it. Where did all our old heritage buildings go ?

The Pro’s
1)  it’s location. Walk to work, restaurants, churches, parks, hockey games and summer music festivals. What a great “urban” lifestyle to enjoy even if it is for only one stage of your life.
2)  the parking situation. Top marks for making it underground and secure.
3)  the traffic. Forget having to make the daily commutes from areas like Westmount, Pond Mills or the Hunt Club. Think of the gas and the time that you will be saving.
4)  one floor living… that’s what so many people now demand.

5)  it’s indoor pool…. another great feature
6) their pricings. Toronto or Ottawa buyers often go crazy with happiness when they discover how affordable they are.

7) how comfortable and efficient they are to live in. Grad students have no problems living here.
8) the freedom of being able to lock your door and go… that’s a great feature for a growing number of active retirees
9) living in the heart of our downtown… ditto number one for so many reasons
10) what can only be described as the “hip urban” living factor. Trees, brick walkways, iron gates, character filled double enterance ways. What a wonderful street to walk down during an evening snowfall or in the fall when the leaves are starting to turn colors.

The Con’s
1) it’s location. Some people still want to live near more green spaces, car wash places , Roger cell shops and shopping malls.

2) The traffic situation on Queens Avenue . Even though it only runs in one direction can get busy and the traffic patterns on Wellington Street are often unpredictable. In all fairness, these buildings do enjoy remarkably quiet interior.

3) living in the heart of the city. Would perhaps a condo on Windermere overlooking a stream  or a patch of trees really would work better for you?

4) the “hip urban” living factor. Meter maids, delivery trucks and city street sweepers. There is always something happening outside all of these units to capture one’s attentions. Perhaps this factor is actually a pro.

Our final comment…  when the underground parking lot went in during the reconstruction process they had to do many years ago to turn them into condos, they had to dig down like forty feet and had to deal with supporting the foundations on a neighbouring property next door. That was a real challenge. Our point is that many people do not recognize how expensive it actually is do do a wonderful makeover job like this. This in a sense it doesn’t really add value to the complex but it does point out the fact that complexes like this are rare.

P.S.  We forgot to mention the entertainment factor found in the immediate area   …  the evening meetings at the city hall are free!…. just kidding