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What Would Donald Trumph Do If He Was The Mayor Of London?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

First he would tour the “Forks of the Thames”, then feed the ducks in “Springbank Park”, visit the art gallery, our hospitals, the university and even visit the ‘Marvel Beauty School” on Dundas Street.DSC_0055
Then Donald would walk the downtown core looking for construction cranes in the sky. He wouldn’t be able to find any. What he would see is one building on King Street propped up by steel support beams and a handful of “museum quality” buildings sitting vacant with the signature “Fahri” tag name on them. What wonders what the future of the old library on Queen Street will be?DSC_0049
Then Donald would visit the “SoHo” area and walk the “Old Victorian Hospital site”. In its day what is left of this nucleus of medical buildings was one of the cities primary engines of growth. Could this empty acreage now support the high density office and residential use the cities planners call for? Is that a model vision?DSC_0058
Then, if he had more time he could walk over to the Wellington Street Bridge and walk the bike path under it and hike over to the Labatt’s Beer Store at Ridout and York. Noticeably absent in this neighborhood are Starbucks Coffee Shops, Petsmarts and Hot Yoga Shops.
Time out might be taken to read the graffiti on the cement support areas of the Ridout South Bridge or time out might be taken to watch the people fishing in The Thames. What else do you do on a Friday afternoon if you haven’t got a car to leave town for the weekend? After a pause for a moment for reflection Donald would recognize how disadvantaged this site actually is in so many ways and how the cities vision of what this site could support is something larger than what even he could ever imagine.
What would Donald do? Well he would call up Kathleen Wynne – that would be an interesting call and ask her if anyone like the “Great Canadian Gaming Corporation” is knocking on her door looking for new opportunities? If so, a deal could be struck. Build a 40 storey hotel at the corner of Wellington and South Street and behind it build a big new casino with lots of parking. Let the people who are crazy enough to want too be there for their fun be there. Add to it bike paths and a few nice restaurants and pubs and perhaps a bike rental shop and an outdoor amphitheatre for summer concerts overlooking the river. Keep the slots at the “Western Fair” open. People like variety.DSC_0064
Brantford , 90 kilometers away to the east has a casino and its adjoining downtown core area is flourishing. That concept could also work here. A more vibrant downtown core than we have now and a slightly removed “mega sized” self enclosed casino structure and luxury hotel. That would make more people want to come here. That’s what we need. That’s the vision the “The Trumpster” would most likely have.
A final thought. Boy would Donald ever have fun getting worked on at “The Marvel Beauty School.”

by Peter Daoust Broker. Remax Advantage Realty Limited Brokerage

A “2016” London Condo Pricing Report

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

DSC_0114London “MLS” Condo sales were as follows
2015, January-February
188 sales, average time on market 53 days, average MLS selling price $179,718

2016, January-February
194 sales (one more day in this reporting period in 2016), average time on market 52 days, average MLS selling price $186,963

These mini type of reports do not really tell us very much. Small sample sizes often skew the results. A six month trend has more meaning. In 2015, 18 of these 188 sales were “new’ units while in 2016 only 5 of 194 sales were “new”units. It appears the buying public is going direct to the many new condo construction sites around out city without using the guidance and direction of their past real estate agents. In part, it’s because more people are now using the internet to do their own research.

by Peter Daoust, Broker. Remax Advantage Reality Limited Brokerage.

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