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Stuff Happens.

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Stuff like this happens. The condo in this picture was lost to a fire. An end unit burnt to the ground yet the unit next to it was saved. It happened recently in a small town east and south of London about 90 miles away. It happens in London also as  a few addresses come to mind. Be careful. Safely store warm weather tools like lawn mowers and trimmers. Check power cords for unusual wear and tear. Unplug and safely store battery chargers that won’t be used again until spring.dsc_0105Use only weatherproof electrical devices for outside activities. Keep dry leaves swept away from outdoor lighting, outlets and power cords. Never let pets sleep on electric blankets.

Enjoy the changing of the seasons and keep these tips in mind.

by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Port Dover has Condos

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Back on Sept. 20th we showed pictures of new condos in Port Dover in a blog called “Dover Coast .ca”. People are now discovering this classic old village in a big way. Condos near the water, what a wonderful idea. Here are some recent around the village photos. If you get a chance, give the area a visit!dsc_0452dsc_0535 dsc_0461dsc_0531dsc_0544dsc_0541by Peter Daoust, Broker, Remax Advantage Realty Brokerage Limited


Stratford Ontario The new “Villas of Avon”

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Let the pictures do the talking. This new “Tricar” condo building is now about 80% completed and 50% sold. Nine different model styles from 858-1470 sq. ft.  The address is 255 John Street North which is north of the downtown core. This is phase one of a two-phase project.

Would you ever consider making the move? You know the builder’s name. Would your friends want to visit you if you where daring enough to make the move to Stratford? Could you survive the winter living there? People are trickling in from the Ottawa area and they have no issues with it. Would you enjoy biking to the coffee shops downtown in the morning? Would you enjoy using the outdoor downtown community pool in the summer? Stratford truly is a beautiful town.

(See our Feb 26, 2015 blog for a background story on this on this project!)    by Peter Daoust, Broker. Remax Advantage Realty Limited Brokerage.

dsc_0309 dsc_0310 dsc_0303

Condos in “Brantford” Ontario

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Real estate prices in the city of Brantford ( population now approaching 100,000) are now on a terror. The average selling price of a unit in January this year was $375,000. In September 2016 it had risen to $429,900 . Bidding wars are common.

Hamilton is only 40 km away and it’s prices are also rising dramatically. Both of these cities are on the radar screen of people cashing out from the core G.T.A. areas. Attached are a few pictures … Brantford has some wonderful pockets of older homes on treed lined streets, newer upscale homes, older mainstream homes and small clusters of  condo projects of all ages all around town.dsc_0068dsc_0039p1250227p1230883

Might you be looking in Brantford for a condo which suits your needs? Many retirees now are. Here are a few examples of what could be available if you were to visit the city. All of this activity is happening just 94 km east of London. Condo prices in Brantford are once again on a very strong uptick.  by Peter Daoust, Broker Remax Advantage Realty Limited Brokerage.dsc_0061dsc_0287 p1260555