Things New Condo Owners In Windsor Are Doing.

No fishing, diving, swimming, or feeding the birds. All of the many parks along the Detroit River in Windsor seem to sport these types of signs. It’s different upstream in Sarnia where kids just jump into the river off the base of the Blue Water Bridge.

Windsor is now experiencing a new wave of budget minded voyagers of all ages who want to spend their summer afternoons out on the Detroit River in the tiniest of sailing crafts. Ten foot long kayaks, kayaks with pop-up sails, dinghies with electric motors. Yes there are currents, ripples and unexpected bursts of winds to contend with but all of that only adds to excitement of being out on open waters.

Remember our wordings, the “tiniest of sailing crafts”? These types of vessels are often launched without supervision at the ” Shanfield Shores Park”just to east of “Sandpoint Park”.How do people get their little boats to the shoreline in the first place?  Well for the most part they carry / drag them in from the roof racks of their cars which they can park across the street in a municipal parking lot for free. Some people come with bicycles which have two-wheeled little trailers in tow. It all takes a bit of ingenuity to make happen.
If your thinking of moving to Windsor and adding this activity to your bucket list of things to do might we first suggest that you learn the rules about carrying whistles, bailing devises, paddles and proper life jackets on board. Eyes in the sky and water surveillance crafts (see our pictures below) will be watching your every move. The pictures below were clicked only a few weeks ago as the boating seasons in the Windsor region often continues into the early part of November.
.Windsor is a great place to call home.By Peter Daoust, Remax Advantage Realty Ltd. Brokerage

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