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Southwestern Ontario is dotted with a number of wonderful small towns, each with a slightly different personality.

Aylmer, population 7,000 is 20 km south of Hwy 401, 16 km east of St. Thomas and 16 km north of Port Bruce on Lake Erie. Having easy access to the beaches, lakeside cliffs and fishing in Lake Erie is, for many, a welcomed reprieve.

Aylmer is known for its wildlife management areas, its parks, museums, farmer's markets, fruit farms and gift shops. Its fair in August has run since 1846. Downtown Aylmer has some wonderful walking trails along with Catfish Creek and it has a number of popular "speciality shops" which attracts both local and out of town people.

Small town living, friendly people, upscale shopping, downtown walking trails and reasonable home and condo pricings! Why not rediscover what Aylmer now has to offer?

* A 2023 update. It was announced on March 13, 2023 that "The Volkswagon Group: has picked St. Thomas, Ontario for the site of its first battery cell factory outside of Europe, as the car maker ramps up expansion in North America. This new factory will be built in the south east corner of St. Thomas, a location about 15 kilometers away from Aylmer

We note that "Stellantis" in Windsor (formerly Chrysler) is also in the process of building a battery plant which will cost upwards of four billion dollars. This new V.W. Plant will most likely be a similar sized investment. It only stands to reason that Aylmer will soon see a spurt in new residential construction activity.