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301 Carlow Road

301 Carlow Road

301 Carlow Road



Average MLS Selling Price 2022$418,800 (based on 2 MLS sales)

Average MLS Selling Price 2021$487,500 (based on 2 MLS sales)

Average MLS Selling Price First 8 Months of 2018$242,800 (based on 4 MLS sales)

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Carlow Condos

Two and three bedroom Riverview condos on the river built staggered in design. One cluster of six, four clusters of eight and one complex on the north side of thirteen units. Front open decks over the front single car garages. Unit sizes of 1,275; 1,300 and 1,375 square feet. Wonderful river views.

Some light sand coloured front lower bricking, tan siding and white deck railings. An observation, as of mid summer 2023, is that one half of the complex has light brown coloured shingles and half the complex has a new black metal roof. We note a special assessment of $80.00 a month until March 2024.

A small marina named “Bridgeview Marina” is to the immediate south. It shares a laneway coming in. Another mid summer 2023 observation is that it can accommodate about a dozen boats, half that number of jet skis and the same number of seasonal trailers. Boat launching costs $10.00; kayaks and paddle boards also dot the landscape. Boats are restricted form going up river. What an interesting place to live in the late winter, early spring season when the Kettle Creek River takes on a totally different personality.

Across the street on the west side of Carlow Road is the “Port Stanley Arena and Community Centre”, the “Kettle Creek Public School” and the “Kettle Creek Golf Course” hidden behind a ridge of trees.

The walk to get to the main beach takes about ten minutes and is scenic. The location of this complex is on a route less taken by tourist and access into and out of the village is relatively easy.

The condo fees in 2023 are in the $385.00 per month price range. This complex is in the 30 – 35 year age range. Over the years, some units have been used by investors for rental purposes. This trend now seems to be reversing. Residents here get to enjoy the use of an outdoor pool.

Property Manager

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