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1) 190 Fleming Dr 2) 550 Second St 3) 470 Second St 4) 577 Third Street 5) 536 Third Street 6) 490 Third Street 7) 1775 Culver Drive 8) 1796-1906 Culver Dr 9) 1920 Culver Dr 10) 1447 Huron Street 11) 1443 &1445 Huron Street 12) 1290 Bentley Dr 13) 1318 Highbury Avenue North 14) 1200, 1215 &1225 Cheapside Street 15) 1247 Huron Street 16) 311 Vesta Boulevard 17) 986 Huron Street 18) 253 Taylor Street 19) 45-75 Gatewood Place 20) 990-1024 Kipps Lane 21) 1090 Kipps Lane 22) 1138 Kipps Lane 23) 242 Taylor St, London 24) 221 Boullee 25) 626 First Street 26) 1600 Culver Drive 27) 595 Third Street

Fanshawe College Area Condos

Over 53,000 students attend Fanshawe College, so over the last thirty years a number of different townhouse complexes have been built in this area to accommodate these needs. It should also be noted that some of the areas east of Fanshawe College on Oxford Street, and on Second and Third Streets to the immediate south, have a touch of an "industrial feel". Two clusters have sand coloured lower bricking and three clusters have light read bricking. Brown shingles and eaves. New upper steel grey colouring siding added in 2021 helps to revitalize the look of these units. Potential condo buyers looking in the Fanshawe College area often find this arrangement somewhat unusual.

Please note that Fanshawe College is in "East London" so additional condo complexes in the area can be found by going to the "East London" section of our Website.

* Look at the price increases on some of these townhouse properties in 2021. Units in some complexes have increased in value by over $100,000 since last year. What's happening with the price increases all across the city?

Why such huge price increases and are these increases sustainable? Have they gone up too quickly? It sure makes you wonder. Call us or email us if you would like to discuss your real estate needs. We are here to assist.

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