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"London is proud to have such a great university".

39)340 Sugarcreek Trail 37)389 Dundas Street 38)380-king-street 36)250-270 North Centre Road 35)70 Sunnyside Drive 34)683 Winderemere Road 33)261-281 Epworth Ave 1) 1535 Trossacks Ave 2) 780 Fanshawe Park Rd E 3) 662-754-770 Fanshawe Park Road East 4) 1600 Adelaide Street North 5) 600 Grenfell Drive 6) 1, 5, 9 & 15 Jacksway Crescent 7) 1570 Richmond Street 13)410 Ambleside Dr 12)340 Ambleside Dr 11)320 Ambleside Dr 10)1500 Richmond St 9)1510 Richmond St 8) 1548 Richmond Street 14) 650 Cheapside Street 15) 624 William Street 17) 440 Central Avenue 16) 570 William Street 20) 695 Richmond St 21) 40 Summit Avenue 22) 570 Proudfoot Lane 23) 1241 Beaverbrook Avenue 24) 30 Chapman Court 32)1401-1455 Wonderland Rd. N. / 7-19 Blackacres Blvd / 4-168 Homestead Cres 31)270-290 Homestead Cres / 292-414 Homestead Ct 30)535-599 Gainsborough Rd 29)1460 Limberlost Rd, 2-24 Fairfax Court 28)1200-1292 Limberlost Rd 27) 925 Lawson Rd 26) 600 Sarnia Road 25) 50-70 Chapman Court

Western University Area Condos

Over 30,000 students attend the University of Western Ontario and its affiliated colleges. Students looking at this site can pick from the North London tab (Masonville area), the north-west tab (Sherwood Forest Mall area) or the Downtown tab. The London Transit Commission has bus routes to all three areas. Condo living is great for students!

We are often asked, "Why don't you show more leases or rentals of condominiums and apartments?" Well, given that we are a university city many property management companies activity compete on the internet in this space. Most landlords would like to save money and do it themselves. The University of Western also has a busy student rental site called "offcampus.uwo.ca".

We would also like to note that not all condo complexes are student friendly. In some complexes, student or roomers do not qualify for occupancy if they are not related to each other or defined as a private single family.

** As London continues to grow out in a westerly direction, some of the "new build" condos on Sarnia Road West (see our "North West Area") have also become a mecca for students living accommodations.

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