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Woodstock, Ontario

Woodstock - The Dairy Capital of Canada

Woodstock to London 27 miles
Woodstock to Brantford 28 miles
Woodstock to Kitchener 36 miles
Woodstock to Hamilton 48 miles
Woodstock to Port Rowen 41.5 miles
Woodstock to Mississauga 72 miles

100 – 130 Wedgewood Drive Woodstock Ontario, Canada

100-130 Wedgewood Drive

100-130 Wedgewood Drive



Average MLS Selling Price 2022No MLS sales

Average MLS Selling Price 2021Sample size (1) too small to report

Average MLS Selling Price 2020$472,000 (based on 2 MLS sales)

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Built in four clusters of four units each. These units back onto Vansittart Avenue and have lot depths of 104 feet. When new, they were priced in the $205,000 - $225,000 price range which means that they have doubled or tripled in price from when first built.

First time buyers now have to wonder if the craziness of our markets will continue. Might priced plateau out for a few years? Let our website be your condo guide going forward.

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