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1) 635-669 Southwood  Way 2) 691-709 Southwood Way 3) 467-543 Nova Scotia Court 4) 335 Albert Street 5) 117-157 Ferguson Drive 6) 159-163 Ferguson Drive 7) 171-199 Ferguson Drive; 1-27 Lindsay Road 8) 490-510; 514-542 Lampman Place 9) 863-879 Parkinson Road 10) 27 Chapel Street 11) 81 Broadway Street 12) 125 Bay Street 13)466 Finkle Street 14)72, 76, 78 Bee Street 15)176 Ferguson Drive 16)19 Anderson Street 17)420-482, 427-451 Sales Drive 18)600-721 Crawford Crescent 18)439 Athlone Avenue

Woodstock is growing, thanks in part to the new "Toyota" Plant just one exit away to the east on the 401 and thanks in part to the newly built "Woodstock Hospital". It is also growing because G.M. in Ingersoll, to the south 19 kilometres, spent two billion dollars in 2022 into the Bright Drop Zero 600 model of electric truck which is now being shipped to California. New streets, new houses, new low rise rental buildings by the builder's "Tricar" and Drewlo", new nursing homes, new parks, schools and a brand new hospital! Much of this area is built around a noticeable ribbon of greenery which encompasses the Southside Park and the Cedar Creek Golf Course.

The talk of the last few years was about a shortage of listings. Home and condo prices here have now jumped up to rival the prices found in London, Ontario just further to the west. Buyers from Kitchener and other cities to the east continue to find Woodstock prices more affordable plus the City of Woodstock has done a great job in the recent past to strengthen its economic base.