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1) 217 Thames Street South 2) 46 Canterbury Street 3) 275 Wonham Street South 4) 165-177 Bond Street 5) 250 Ann Street 6) 275 George Street 7) 1-23 Garland Court 8) 275-305 Beckett Road 9) 350 Victoria Place 10) 271 Thames Street North - River Thames Condominiums 11) 111 King Street East 12) 175 Ingersoll Street North

Ingersoll, population 13,000 is located on the north side of the 401 highway, 32 km east of London, 18 km west of Woodstock and 23 km north of Tillsonburg. Prior to the Cami Automobile Plant coming to town in 1989, it was primarily a farming community best known for its cheese making capabilities.

We are a "condo website" and not an "automobile review website". We feel, however that it is important to tell the "Cami Plant Story"

The "Cami Plant" in Ingersoll was first established in 1986 and first opened in 1989. At that time it was a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki. Then in 2009, after 2.3 million vehicles rolled off the line, General Motors approached the Japanese Automaker with an offer to buy it out of its interest in the Cami Plant. The price tag of the deal was never disclosed and at about this very same time, G.M. was in the process of going bankrupt.

In 2021 General Motors stopped building the Chevy Equinox and in December 2022 has started assembling the new Brightdrop EV 600 fully electric delivery van. Early shipments are being sent off to California. Yet another version, a smaller version will soon be released.In September of 2023 it was announced that workers will go on layoff in October until the spring of 2024 due to a bsttery shortage. GM is building it's own 400,000 sq ft battery manufacturing plant at the Cami Ingersoll site, producing batteries for the Brightdrop delivery vehicle and other EVs. It is expected to open in the 2nd quarter of next year.

The other big news of 2023 is that V.W. is coming to St. Thomas, which is about 50 km away, to build an electric vehicle battery plant. It will be Canada's largest factory complex, employing app. 3,000 people and costing $7 billion. It will be a number of years before it is up and running.

It could be suggested that the Cami Plant over the past twenty-five years, has brought jobs to the area but not necessarily people to Ingersoll. Many Cami workers continue to live in London and commute, or in neighbouring cities or towns like Woodstock, Paris, Tillsonburg or Stratford. That is just the way it has always been. The real truth is that the core residents of Ingersoll have lived here for many years and are happy that not too much is changing. If small town living near a larger city appeals to you, then Ingersoll may be a perfect location to consider.