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9 Dausett Road London Ontario, Canada

9 Dausett Road
"Kilworth Heights Mews"

9 Dausett Road

Units 35

Built 2015-2017

Registered as condos 2015-2017

Average MLS Selling Price 2022Sample size (1) too small to report

Average MLS Selling Price 2021$710,500 (based on 4 MLS sales)

Average MLS Selling Price 2020$562,500

Average MLS Selling Price 2019Sample size (1) too small to report

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An unassuming front entranceway, a front visitors parking area and a backdrop of trees off to the north and north east. These are most noticeable in the autumn when the leaves are changing colours. Also off in the distance in a north westerly direction and largely out of view is a new "Home Hardware Building Centre" and other new commercial buildings at the intersection of Jefferies Road and Glendon Drive.

"Werrington Homes" built. A mix of nineteen detached units and sixteen attached units. The detached units have sizes of 1,226; 1,258; 1,260 and 1,274 square feet. The attached units have sizes of 1,205 and 1,341 square feet. The attached units are built in four clusters of three units each and one cluster of four. When being built, "Warrington Homes" made claims of building concrete block walls between each attached unit.

There are two different brick colours. Most have light yellow bricking and a very small number have light grey or slightly off white/greyish bricking. The attached units are all light yellow coloured.

All have a lower front skirt of stone. Olive coloured trim. Light brown covered shingles.

The detached units all have double car garages. Known double car garage sizes of 19 x 18 and 18 x 20 feet. They also have two front peaked rooflines with the front peaked roof over the garage being larger in size than peaked roofline over the front window area.

A mix of covered front entranceways or covered entranceways with small elevated front porches. Most of these units have just one step up to the front door, some have two steps up and a very small few have three steps up. Many of these detached units back onto single family homes and all of the units in this complex enjoy cement driveways.

Property Manager

Plymouth 519-619-0157

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