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46 Canterbury Street Ingersoll Ontario, Canada

46 Canterbury Street

46 Canterbury Street



Registered as Condos2007

Average MLS Selling Price 2022Sample size (1) too small to report

Average MLS Selling Price 2021Sample size (1) too small to report

Average MLS Selling Price 2020$319,000 (based on 2 MLS sales)

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"Canterbury Place"

Adult lifestyle living. Soft colour tones grace the exterior of this four story building. Off while coloured white block bricking and light pink block bricking. Tan coloured siding and speckled brown/reddish shingles. Gracious landscaping and generous use of stone retaining walls and landscaping features. What a commanding setting. Nine condo units on the first floor and ten condo units on each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. Oversized covered balconies, controlled entry, handicap accessible, in-unit laundry, Energy efficient, F.A.G Heating/Central Air. An excellent retirement complex overlooking "Smith Pond Park"! Also enjoy Memorial Park and Victoria Park. Downtown Ingersoll does have its own charm. Walking distance also to restaurants, banks, shopping, Alexandra Hospital, a Library, a Community Centre and a Creative Arts Centre.

Built by "County Contractors of Wheatley"!

Almost all of the units in this building are two bedroom units. A very small number of units do not have balconies. Unit sizes vary so the average prices stated is not a true indicator of value. Typical unit sizes include for example the following:
"The Thames" model and “The Essex” are 955 square feet;
"The Cambridge" model is 1,000 square feet;
"The Manchester" model is 1,092 square feet;
"The Chelsea" model is 1,101 square feet;
"The Simcoe" model is 1,211 square feet.

Units in this building have been known to selling out in bidding wars.

Property Manager:

Neighbourhood 519-485-1594

* Please do not contact any of the property managers listed on this site regarding potential listings. Their jobs are only to manage these units.